PropTech Is Changing How Homes In India Are Managed

As digital solutions ease every aspect of life for consumers and investors, the real estate industry is no exception. The advent of Property Technology (PropTech) has seen the emergence of tech interventions streamlining everyday functions associated with running a gated community while optimizing real estate returns for home-owners, tenants and investors. From delivering an enriched living experience for residents to maximising rental yield and incomes, PropTech has revolutionised community living.

While digitisation of the real estate industry has been comparatively slower, it is now at an inflection point with investments in PropTech firms expected to touch $ 1 billion by 2025. Last year alone, total investments leapfrogged by 35% to a record $741 million. In the residential community segment, growth will be driven by a surge in residential new home sales expected to cross the high of 2,61,358 units sold in 2019.

With India emerging among the Top 10 price-appreciating housing markets internationally, this is also an opportune moment for PropTech firms to build their capacity in the rental landscape. Strengthened with data-driven household analytics and with a unique community insight, ApnaComplex has taken this opportunity to build all-inclusive rental management services. Capitalising on its position as a SaaS-based residential apartment automation firm, it now offers tech-driven value additions across the residential landscape, from neighbourhood omni-commerce to rentals and resale.

Smart Solutions for Gated Communities

With approximately 26 million households projected to come under gated communities by 2026, ANAROCK had the vision to disrupt the real estate industry and subsequently acquired ApnaComplex, which has been a key contributor to the company’s end-to-end B2C tech and rental capabilities.

As a full-stack SaaS platform, ApnaComplex is designed to facilitate the operational efficiency of Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Management Committees (MCs). It brings together different functions, from accounting to communications, complaint resolution, visitor and facility management, on one platform. With a unique insight into occupancy rates within a complex, it also offers one-stop rental management services as part of value-added services.

As a pioneer in the field, ApnaComplex has established 12 years of industry leadership. It has played a critical role in the emergence of smart communities by facilitating the automation of tasks through process-driven tools. These solutions are designed to ease the burden of MCs and RWAs. As volunteers, these committees are responsible for the mammoth task of managing large societies with the help of administrative staff. ApnaComplex was designed to ease their burden by streamlining operations, facilitating overview, and providing invaluable data insight.

Branching into Rental Management

As ApnaComplex strengthens its position as a one-stop solution for community management, the platform has further branched into value-added services to include home services and rental management. This move comes from a unique insight into gated communities that helps us to connect with residents, and understand their needs and requirements through a reliable and efficient digital platform.

ApnaComplex is now poised to emerge as the largest PropTech for verified tenants and landlords through a pan-India network of 6000+ gated communities in 123+ cities across India. It has made an impressive start in the rental segment, closing 150 transactions in just 5 months. With a dedicated Estate Portfolio Manager for partner communities, it offers all-inclusive services, starting from tenant scouting to verification, move-in / move-out assistance, and digital rent collection with timely reminders.

Homeowners and real estate investors can leverage in-app listings to optimize rental income. The app also offers ease of transactions with lightning-fast deals. The community-driven functionality of the systems can be employed to store verified housing documents for quick access, track occupancy statuses and stay updated with emerging events.

As we see the growing impact of emerging technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain, society management platforms like ApnaComplex will become the norm in managing gated communities. With a data-driven insight into community functioning, these platforms will continue to empower MCs and RWAs through cost-efficient resource optimisation. Along with its foray into rentals, ApnaComplex has further capitalised on this momentum, further enhancing its services while delivering higher value for all stakeholders.