Is Technology Taking a Lead In Residential Real Estate?

– Sunil Mishra, Chief Strategy Officer
The last two years has witnessed a drastic change in the way technology has been adopted by Indian real estate. Something that would have taken 4 to 5 years for a corporate to get accustomed to has now been done in 6 months or even lesser.

Most of the property discovery journey has now gone online, and developers who do not use technology to harness and convert online enquiries are at a disadvantage.

So, while some try to create a team of technology professionals in-house, most of them outsource these specialists. This is where Software as a Service or commonly known as SaaS comes into the picture.

SaaS in Indian Real Estate

Customer Relationship Management SaaS is the key for real estate companies who want to leverage advanced software technology to drive their business. Previously, Indian real estate developers seeking a tech advantage in their business had to rely on mainstream software giants who don’t completely understand specific requirements of real estate business.

That’s where ANAROCK CRM SaaS can help. This cutting-edge solution helps developers gain competitive advantage and is specifically designed to engage customers, enabling them to make intelligent and informed decisions; streamline processes with customized dashboards; and provide a superior customer experience through real time updates.

This robust, state-of-the-art suite of Tech products ranges from sales manager app and channel partner management app to inventory management and real time marketing and sales dashboards.

Journey from Lead Generation to Lead Conversion

Every developer face challenges of multiple leads getting generated across different platforms. What happens to those leads? How are they bifurcated and prioritized? It’s humanly impossible! Enter ASTRA, ANAROCK’s proprietary AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) tool that helps developers identify and prioritize the most likely to convert against the least likely. Does it really matter? Yes, it does. You are looking at a 20% incremental efficiency of the system, thereby using 20% less resources, less time, less money spent.

What happens once the customer has bought the house?

The biggest challenge that most customers face is no regular communication from the developer, how should the payment be done, reminders on EMIs, have the cheques cleared etc. With ANAROCK Post Sales, we take all the headache whether it’s payments, grievances, status updates, home loan assistance and of course final delivery.

A happy customer in their dream home!

This has come a full circle. The property is built, customer has moved in. Now what? Managing the society requirements – maintenance, gate keeping, managing payments. ANAROCK has an answer to that too. ApnaComplex by ANAROCK helps the customer manage all that through a state-of-the-art app. From managing teething issues of receiving maintenance payments to ensuring guest access, we got everything covered.

This is how we look at the lifecycle. We partner with our developers throughout their journey. Interested in joining us and being part of this journey?

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