CRM In Real Estate – What Can It Do For You?

Sadiq Din, Head Sales (India & International), ANAROCK CRM

The age-old adage, ‘Customer is King’, resonates strongly in the business world, with a major focus on ‘Customer Experience.’ This principle holds true across all industries, including real estate. While technology has revolutionized and streamlined various aspects of business, we must not underestimate the profound impact of human interactions, particularly in the real estate sector.

While technology has made things simpler, smarter, automated, and more time-efficient, the heart of any industry, including real estate, lies in three crucial stages: Pre-Sales, Sales, and Post Sales. These stages encompass the entire customer journey, starting from lead generation to site visits and final closure. The effectiveness of managing these stages directly influences sales productivity, the accuracy of reports with real-time updates, and numerous other factors.

For real estate developers, some common concerns revolve around marketing strategies, lead monitoring and management, gaining relevant data insights, inventory management, and providing exceptional post-sales services to customers.

Is there a solution to this?

Absolutely! With an agile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, these concerns can be effortlessly addressed. While these challenges may involve technical aspects, the more significant issue faced by around 80% of developers is choosing the right solution.

Various misconceptions or myths often surround CRM implementation, such as:

“We already have a tool.”

“Do we really need a CRM?”

“It’s too expensive.”

“It’s too complex.”

“How will it integrate into our existing system?”

“Who will manage this tool?”

“It’s only for larger companies.”

However, let me assure you that a well-suited CRM solution can tremendously enhance lead acquisition, engagement, and conversion resulting in higher productivities and efficiencies. It offers numerous benefits and can prove to be a game-changer for your business. By streamlining processes, fostering better customer interactions, and providing valuable insights, a good CRM system can significantly contribute to your overall success. Don’t let these myths hold you back; embrace the potential of a CRM solution and watch your business thrive.

We see a change

Over the past 3-5 years, a noticeable shift in mindset has occurred regarding the adoption of new CRM systems. This change is evident not only among larger companies but also among smaller businesses, particularly in Tier 2 and 3 cities. These companies are increasingly showing interest in embracing advanced CRM solutions that offer a wide range of functionalities, features, workflows, as well as high levels of flexibility and customization.

Need of the hour

Presently, CRM solutions undeniably bestow significant value upon the Indian real estate industry, playing a crucial role in three fundamental aspects: enhancing transparency, expediting sales processes, and nurturing enduring customer relationships. Achieving these goals requires unwavering dedication and the provision of personalized experiences, catering to customers at any stage of the sales journey.

How does one build customer relationships?

Creating a robust CRM strategy serves as the foundational and crucial step. It entails the methodical collection of valuable customer data and a comprehensive analysis of their behavior, enabling the provision of tailored services that ultimately drive heightened sales. Our exclusive solution, ACRM, assumes a pivotal role in this journey by acting as a centralized platform, seamlessly connecting multiple touchpoints spanning the pre-sales, sales, and post-sale phases of the customer experience within the real estate value chain.

Does CRM make life simple?

It definitely does! The benefits encompass a lead’s effectiveness, workflow automation, improved employee productivity, efficient process management, and streamlined payment collection. Moreover, the real-time insights and learnings obtained allow you to fine-tune your business strategy promptly. The best aspect is the convenience of accessing this data anytime and anywhere, with a user-friendly interface.

In a nutshell

CRM represents the inaugural step in a business’s journey towards digital transformation, wielding the power to substantially reduce overheads, marketing costs, amplify sales, build customer relationship, enhance overall efficiency and productivity. For developers and channel partners, it proves to be an indispensable asset, as it not only improves customer relationships but also emphasizes that it is not intended to supplant them.